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SkuVault's Formulate Display Portrays Their Innovation - Project Portfolio

By Todd Millett on June 04, 2015

We were glad to work with SkuVault when they told us they needed help with a trade show display. SkuVault is a sophisticated, yet easy to use, warehouse inventory management software solution. Located in Louisville, they are practically our neighbors, and we are happy customers of theirs. We use SkuVault for shipping and locating items on a daily basis. Their innovation seemed to carry right over when it came to their ideas for a trade show display. We work with all types of clients. Some, we are glad to assist with presenting our ideas and advice when they have no idea what direction they want to go with their booth. Others, like SkuVault, already start out with a solid idea of what they want, and we help bring that idea to light.

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