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Trade Show Displays - Pop-Up, Tension Fabric, Folding, & Truss

Hover your mouse over each icon below to learn more. Then, you can filter the displays by which type you prefer.


Pop-up Displays
(More info)Pop-up Trade Show Display This type of display features a collapse-able frame that can pack away into a small shipping container and expand into a full-sized booth display. Velco-receptive fabric panels or custom graphic panels are attached to the front of the framework using magnets (Except for the HopUp variation, which is a pop-up frame with a tension fabric graphic instead). These are some of the most portable displays on the market and have one of the fastest setup times.
Tension Fabric
Tension Fabric Displays
(More info)Tension Fabric DisplayTension fabric frames are wrapped in a large, slightly stretchy graphic. The graphic is commonly stitched together like a large pillowcase with a zipper at the bottom and it slides over the framework. Most frames are made of tubular components that connect together. Some models allow for optional back lighting using internal LED lights. Due to easier graphic storage, these are often more portable than similar sized pop-up displays.
Folding Panel
Folding Panel Displays
(More info) Folding Panel Briefcase DisplayFolding panel displays are a great choice for smaller booths. They involve 3 or more panels that are joined together and fold outward to create the presentation. While there are floor standing models, most commonly you see table top panel displays. For table models, there are several options that even fold up into the shape of a briefcase with a handle. These are popular for applications like job fairs and traveling salespeople.
Truss Displays
Truss Displays
(More info)Truss DisplayTruss displays are not as common for the average-sized company because of the labor and expense involved. However, they stand out at the show much more than the other 3 options. When shipping costs and setup times are not as big of concern, these will leave a big impression!

For the main structure of your trade show booth, there are several options to chose from regarding display styles. The first step in finding the perfect display for your company is determining which style and size is the best fit.