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Repairs / Refurbishment / Replacement

Did you know that Tradehshowjoe has been in the display business since the 1990s? Believe me when I say that we've seen it all.... I mean nearly everything you can throw at us.

When your company has put the time and the money into a trade show display, it can be discouraging when it gets damaged, parts goes missing, or something breaks!

We've worked with manufacturers, suppliers, and printers of all sorts! We have seen great quality displays, we've seen homemade displays, we've seen the good, the bad and the ugly... sometimes just leaving us scratching out heads.

The great thing is, we've learned plenty! We have resources within the industry of all sorts, we commonly work with 20+ partners from everything from full elaborate displays, to pieces and parts that we need to keep things working for our clients.

Through this experience, we have the ability to repair, refurbish, retrofit, remedy, adjust and generally fix display of varying manufacturers, configurations and types.

Some of the common repairs that we're asked to perform include...
  • Mending Pop-up Display Frames
  • Replacing Broken Case Latches
  • Reapplying Specialty Magnets to Frame, Fabric and Graphic Panels
  • Adding Velcro To Display Components, Table Skirting and Graphics
  • Reapplying Hangers & Stiffeners to Graphic Panels
  • Repairing or Retrofitting Truss Components
  • Repairing De-laminating Panels and Other Surface Areas
  • Fixing Carrying Cases and Carrying Bags
  • Correcting Breaks, Dings and Tears in Graphics
  • Making Electrical Repairs to LEDs, Back-lighting and Halogen Lights.
  • Repairing Spring Loaded Rollers, Poles and Graphics of Retractable Banner Stands.
  • and more... it really just goes and goes.

We pride ourselves in our ability to problem-solve and using our resources to identify and gain access to the "hard to get" parts from many of the world's trade show display manufacturers and distributors. You could say, we have a lot of friends in the business!

Tradeshowjoe has the expertise to repair, refurbish and maintain your display assets, so that your company looks like a millions bucks at their next trade show, conference or event! We will work quickly and have your best interest at heart. Somethings are worth the time and effort to fix..... other times there may be a better solution at hand.

In order to provide you with the best possible service, we request that you send us photos of the damage with your best description of the display, the problem as best you can describe it . This will help us accurately diagnose the damage, determine the viability of repair and help to inform our team on how to best repair your items.


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