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Explaining Las Vegas Approved Trade Show Lights

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Vegas is one of the top cities in the world for trade show events. If you plan on attending trade shows regularly, you can probably expect Las Vegas to be a destination at one time or another. However, there are some restrictions on which lights are allowed. It is very important to us that our clients know what they are getting into before the order is placed to assure their purchase suits their needs to the fullest. Here are the general guidelines for determining which lights are approved for use in Las Vegas. You can also browse our collection of Las Vegas Trade Show Lighting products. As always, we are more than happy to answer any questions in person if you would like to give us a phone call.

Why do these restrictions on lighting exist?

The Las Vegas Convention Center experienced several fire safety incidents in the past as a result of lighting hazards. LVCVA addressed this concern by implementing regulations on halogen lighting used in their facility. Since then, nearly all of the other casino convention centers in Las Vegas have adopted these regulations.

Which halogen lights are approved for use in Las Vegas?

  • Bulbs must be enclosed (cannot be exposed)
  • Bulbs must be 75 watts or less
  • Bulb must not exceed the listed wattage permitted for use by the fixture manufacturer
  • Must be securely mounted to stable exhibit structure
Las Vegas Approved MR 16 Light Bulb
MR 16 Covered Line Voltage Bulb
MR 11/16 Low Voltage Vegas Approved Light Bulb
MR 11/16 Low Voltage Halogen Bulb

Par Las Vegas Approved Trade Show Lights
PAR 14, 16, 20, 30, and 38 Halogen Bulbs

Which halogen lights are prohibited in Las Vegas?

  • Any light with an non-shielded halogen bulb
  • Any light with a bulb over 75 watts
  • Anything with linear halogen bulbs
Linear Halogen Light Bulb
Linear Halogen Light Bulb
Line Voltage Halogen Light Bulb
Line Voltage Halogen Bulb

Low Voltage Bi-pin Halogen Light Bulb
Low Voltage Bi-pin Halogen Bulb
MR 11/16 Halogen Light Bulb
MR 11/16 Uncovered Halogen Bulb

For more information, you can also view this document containing the LVCVA Policy on Halogen Lighting.

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