Trade Show Carpet / Trade Show Flooring

  • Trade Show Comfort Carpet and Comfort Carpet Plus Interlocking Carpet Flooring Tiles
  • Trade Show Comfort Tile and Designer Series Interlocking Foam Pad Flooring Tiles
  • Portable Trade Show Carpet Shipping Cases
  • Flat Electrical Cord - Perfect for Use Under Trade Show Flooring

Don't rely on old, used carpet provided by the trade show - bring your own! We offer custom flooring in your choice of color(s) in both a nice, attractive foam pad or carpet finish. You can also have your logo or message custom cut/engraved in the flooring surface.

Trade show carpet and trade show flooring to compliment your booth's colors at the next trade show! Don't pay outrageous fees for carpet rentals from the show promoters. Purchase your own portable trade show flooring.

Comfortable trade show carpet to make your booth look better and your feet feel better! Save money with new interlocking trade show carpet and foam flooring from