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Hopup 10' Pop-up Display Velcro Receptive Frame

$ 299.00

While Hopup Trade Show Pop-up Displays are commonly sold as a kit with a printed graphic, the frames are also a popular option for hanging back-drops or merchandise. The Velcro receptive outer edge lining offers more options than a standard pop-up frame. Since the bulk of the cost is normally in the graphic, you can save majorly by purchasing the frame only if you don't need a custom printed graphic. 

Common Applications Include:

  • Attaching a fabric backdrop to the Velcro lining at the top of the display
  • Hanging various colored fabric in strips from the top Velcro lining
  • Hanging clothing or other merchandise from the support beans on the frame
  • Attaching retail "clip-strips" to the side Velcro lining

Product Details:

  • Includes 4 x 3 10ft wide frame, Velcro webbing around outer frame edges, and carrying bag
  • Available in straight or curved variations
  • Interior clips to keep frame in place when set up