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Skyline Mirage Table Top Display - Used

$ 566.00 $ 175.00

Did you know Tradeshowjoe has access to lots of pre-owned displays and accessories?  We probably have more pre-owned Skyline Exhibits than just about anybody.....  don't see what you're looking for?   Ask us at toll free 866-821-1520, through Chat, or email driley@tradeshowjoe.com.

We have a warehouse with many Skyline displays, parts and accessories and connections across the country on these types of products!

Pre-owned Classic Skyline Mirage Frame

6' Wide x 52" High

We can help to complete this framework by adding magnetic channel bars, graphic mural panels or Velcro-receptive fabric, a case and lights.   Ideal for the client that has been renting from Skyline and already has the right sized graphics for this framework or for a client who needs a replacement frame (only).

Durable fiberglass composite frame has manual connectors.  With round end panels, all 6-foot models measure nearly 7-feet wide and fit best on an 8-foot table.

This framework uses 3 graphic front panels and 2 rounded end caps.

Magnetic Channel Bars Available.

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