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Trade Show Checklist

By Trade Show Joe on November 06, 2017

Attending a trade show soon? Wondering what you are forgetting? Our trade show checklist includes considerations for both your display and personal items to help assure you have everything you need to succeed!

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Checklist for Trade Show Events

Your Display

  • The main display(s) or backdrop(s) have been packed into their cases and are ready to be sent to the show. Before packing, they were set up to assure all components are accounted for and working properly.
  • Lighting has been tested to assure working order, proper fit when mounted to display, and passes any light wattage or specification restrictions for the show (see Vegas Approved Lighting)
  • Flooring has been accounted for and ready to send to show. For easier setup, flooring tiles can be numbered on bottom in order of assembly.
  • Any table or workspace with or without a graphic representation has been accounted for. All parts have been inspected (podium graphic wrap, table cover, etc.)
  • Any accessories for distributing literature or handouts have been accounted for
  • Handouts, giveaways, flyers, etc. have all been accounted for
  • Every booth attendee has business cards
  • Instructions to set up the display are inside the case or somewhere easy to find for the staff members who will be setting up
  • There is a planned way to collect information and all of the required materials are ready to send to the show (i.e. - notepad, lead tracking software, index cards, pens, papers, etc.)

Important Personal Items for Trade Show

  • Business cards
  • Proper Trade Show attire
  • Map of Trade Show Floor and Booths
  • Nice and comfortable shoes
  • Bottle of water
  • Pen
  • Planned Questions - You should have questions memorized that will help direct your sales pitch or get to know your potential client's needs
  • Something for personal notes - paper pad or index cards
  • Company brochure or flyer
  • Camera or phone for taking pictures throughout the day - customers, nearby booths,etc. - can be helpful to recall things later in the day
  • Name tag or lanyard with your admission details for the show


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