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About Us

Dan Riley - President of Trade Show Joe

In 1999, TradeShowJoe.com was a business concept of Dan Riley and started from very humble beginnings. The company started in a spare bedroom of Dan’s first home. In the beginning, there was just a business idea, a computer and a dream! Dan parted ways with his day job after college to pursue being a small businessman. He left behind the security of a paycheck for the chance to do what he loves; marketing.

Initially, Dan incorporated the business DysGraphic by Design (DBD) with the goal of offering marketing, consulting, and graphic design services that are affordable for businesses of all sizes. The name derived from Dan's positive spin on a challenge some would have deemed sure to set him up for failure. Dan was diagnosed with Dyslexia as a young child. He chose the name DysGraphic for the irony of a young man whom once possessed great weaknesses in the area of language, but excelled extraordinarily and later began helping companies convey their marketing message with the use of words, color, logos and photography.

Dan Riley - In the Beginning - Trade Show JoeIn 2000, Dan, with the help of a very creative graphic designer and good friend (Brian Douglas), launched TradeShowJoe.com! It was among the first companies to offer trade show display solutions online. While much has changed in the past fifteen years, we still remain just as humble, hardworking, and dedicated to helping others succeed as we were in the very beginning. We've traveled to trade shows abroad and have earned an invaluable amount of exhibit marketing knowledge along the way! Bring TradeShow Joe’s experience, skills, and creative to life, making your vision a reality.  We welcome the opportunity to work with you!

With warm regards,

Dan Riley