Don'ts of Trade Show Exhibiting

As an exhibitor at a trade show event, you are the coordinator of how attendees interact with your booth. This is a very important role and there are some common habits you should watch out for while on staff. Here 15 things you should NEVER do while hosting a trade show exhibit:


  • Sit, read, smoke, eat or drink in the booth
  • Ignore prospects by forming a cozy cluster and chatting with colleagues
  • Use your phone¬†while visitors are around
  • Leave the booth unattended or leave without informing colleagues
  • Be late for booth duty
  • Close off conversation by crossing your arms
  • Stand with your back to the aisle
  • Say "Can I help you?"
  • Lean on booth furniture
  • Drink alcohol or eat garlicky or spicy foods during the day
  • Use inappropriate language, complain about the show or about being at the show.
  • Wear new shoes or high heels
  • Badmouth your competitors
  • Let the booth get cluttered, untidy, and unorganized
  • Be unprofessional
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