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Types of Table Covers

"Which type of table cover is best for my company?"

This question is not uncommon in the trade show world. They all serve the same purpose and any table throw is certainly an upgrade over a bare table. However, they do vary in their appearance. There are several different types; each of which can either be plain or custom graphics can be printed onto them. Here is a breakdown to give you an overview of what is available and which will suit your needs best. As always, if you have additional questions or would like to speak to a trade show professional in person, we are here to help!

Note: If you know what style you need already, you can skip this page to read about the three types of custom graphic printing for table throws.

Standard Table Covers, Fitted Contour Table Covers, Table Runners, and Table Skirts - What are the differences?

The first step in picking out a table cover is to choose which basic design you would like, so let's get it all laid out on the line.

Standard Table Covers

These are your basic, loose hanging, common table throws. They are available in full size and economy size versions. The difference is the economy size has an open back and the table cover does not hang down the backside of the table. The full size hangs down on every side of the table, including the back.

Full Size (Backside of Table)
Full Size Trade Show Table Cover
Economy Size (Backside of Table)

Economy Size Trade Show Table Cover

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Fitted Contour Table Covers

Fitted contour table covers are made of stretchy fabric that molds around the structure of the table. These have a more premium appearance that is sure to set your booth display apart from those with standard table throws. In general, these are only available in full size versions due to the functionality of the contour fabric. 

Fitted Contour Table Cover

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Table Runners

Table runners are not actually table throws, but they do make an excellent addition. They are decorative fabric accent throws that are more narrow than a full table throw. They are commonly used in the center of exhibit tables over top of the full throw.

Trade Show Table Runner

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Table Skirts

Table skirts can be used in the place of table covers in cases where having the top surface of the table covered up is not desirable. They fasten onto the sides of the table and hang down, very similar to a bed skirt. Are you showcasing mechanical parts or anything else that could leave grease and grime on your table? If so, this is probably a great option for you!

Table Skirt for Trade Shows

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Now that you've learned about the available table cover style options, you should continue here to discover which custom graphic printing process is best for your needs.

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