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Video Review - Faux Wood Interlocking Trade Show Flooring

By TradeShow Joe on April 28, 2015

For more details, visit our Faux Wood Flooring product page.


Hello, and welcome to Trade Show Joe Video Series. I’m Dan Riley, and today we’re going to talk about Faux Wood Flooring. We have the ability to produce a really realistic floor material with a very comfortable foam padded flooring in a dark oak, light oak, and a walnut colored finish. The material is really wood-like. It’s a foam with a light laminate over the top of it to give it the wood, or veneer appearance. So, lets’ have a look at our wooden flooring.

This is our designer series flooring. We call it Comfort Tile. It is 5/8” thick. The really soft and squishy foam feels wonderful on your feet for long days at trade shows. As you can see, it’s a puzzling type piece, which goes together near seamlessly and looks great when laid out on the floor. It is super easy to put together. A 10x10 kit like this, even for one person, takes 10 to 15 minutes tops, and then you’ve got a great surface area to work with at the show for your booth. The tiles come in 3 basic configurations: the one with puzzling on all 4 sides, another version with just edging on one side, and the third variation is corners with edging on 2 sides. This tile is a 2x2 area. You can build basically any configuration you’d like. We can sell you a standard 8x8, 10x10, or you can fill up a whole room. We’ve done these as large as 50x50 feet. As long as it is in a size and shape we can configure, and as long as it is in 2 foot increments (you don’t really need to get into cutting the tiles, although you can) you can have your floor made of this faux finish. This is actually the dark oak. You can also have a lighter oak, like a basketball floor, or a walnut. Walnut is just a really nice dark wood color. You see furniture often made out of walnut. So, to show you how easily this goes in, you can notice the grain of the wood. The grain of the wood is either running East to West, or North to South. We’ve got it running north to south. You simply lay it in place as you would with all the tiles. Press it into place with either your finger tips or your feet. You can press it in like so, and wah-la! You’ve got yourself a great looking, comfortable to stand on, faux wood finished floor.

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little bit more today about our faux wood flooring. It’s a great product. Your feet will thank you and your wallet will thank you. If you are renting flooring now, you can get this for just the cost of a couple rentals at an average trade show. We invite you to check out our website at TradeShowJoe.com, and while there, call us on our toll-free number, direct chat with us, or email us at any time. Thank you for taking the time to check out our video today.

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