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Nomadic Instand Replacement Panels - Graphic Photo Mural & Fabric

By Clean Themes on February 12, 2016

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Hello, and welcome to Trade Show Joe Video Series. I'm Dan Riley, and today I'm going to present to you our capability to produce beautiful full color graphic mural panels for a Nomadic Instand Pop-up Display, as well as the ability to produce custom Velcro receptive fabric panels. So, lets' have a look!

This is a Nomadic Instand Pop-up. We offer this in a variety of different sizes. We offer the ability to produce graphics or Velcro receptive fabric panels, which often come new with these types of systems. We aren't a full-blown Nomadic dealer, but we are very familiar with their product line. Nomadic is a company that has been tried and tested for a long time - an American made company that we like a lot. We have made thousands of different graphics or fabric panels over the last nearly 15 years. This is an example of one of their smaller pop-up table top units. I just wanted to be clear that we do all sizes. We can do anything at all that fits on a table all the way up to being able to do pop-up structures that are 10ft, 20ft, or even bigger. You should be pretty familiar with the Nomadic Pop-up - a good system. They normally come in these very recognizable red cases. That's kind of the tell. This is kind of their signature, so if you have a red colored molded case with a pop-up display, more than likely it is a Nomadic, and we can help you with that.

This, behind me, is an example of a 10ft structure. The 10ft structure is probably their most popular and best-selling structure. It includes a display component framework that measures about 93 inches vertical by a full 10ft wide. It includes a total of 6 panels - 2 end panels, which can be graphic or fabric, and 4 panels that make up the main display area. We have the ability to produce full-color graphics, such as the one I am holding here. If you can dream it up, we can design it and they can become your graphic panels. The graphics are designed to fit the span of the framework, one channel bar to the other channel bar. It is so-called tiled, meaning that one graphic is designed typically, and then split into four equal parts to be able to cover panel one, two, three, and four. When you put them all together it creates a large, dynamic, near seamless miniature billboard. The panels are produced and printed. That print has a protective laminate - a little bit of an orange-peal texture to it that makes it scratch resistant and makes it so it is going to resist fading in UV light. That's step number 1 and 2. Step number 3 is that packing of these particular panels is a rollable PVC plastic, so you've got the front laminate, the graphic, the PVC, all sandwiched together as a 3-ply process to make a beautiful, full-color, durable graphic for this type of application. From there, we simply apply specialty hanging hardware, which includes a special notch stiffener at the top (I'll show you how that works), a 1/2 inch magnetic strip that runs down the edge, and we finish it off with a plastic trim piece, much like this, but un-notched at the bottom. That allows it to lay nicely side-by-side-by-side.

Once you've got it ready to go, they are very easy to put together. I brought a couple of them here on this model just to show you. The way that that works, you are simply lining up this hook at the top and allowing it to drape down to the floor and lock into place with the magnets connecting on the back of the panel with the magnets connecting on the channel bar. It is very easy to do. Then, once you've got number 1 in place, you simply continue the process. We're going to work our way over and connect that, connect that, and then again, allow the panel to drape down to the floor. As you can see you get a really nice, near seamless appearance, and a really nice alignment where certain letters line up near perfectly, although they are tiled together side-by-side-by-side.

We have the ability to do this in any size, as well as (you probably need to zoom in on this, which we will cut in and do), these are Velcro receptive panels that are of a fabric variation. We have the ability to produce these fabric panels in a number of different colors. There are probably 18 different colors on my card. You can tell us you want black, you want blue, you want a certain shade of red, or a certain shade of blue. We can accommodate that. This is Velcro receptive, so anything you need that you want to attach in a way by using hooked Velcro, you simply can press and that will lock into place on the kind of commercial grade carpeting type of material made specifically for this application. Again, we know the widths to make the panels, we know how to apply the magnets to be able to make the panels, we know how to do the appropriate stiffeners to make the panels, and then ultimately these panels will go up on the structure, just like these panels. You can do these in a concave (which is a curved-in configuration, which is the most common), or you can flip it around and on the back of the structure it is curved outward if you were to flip it around 180 degrees. That is a convex curvature. The specifications are a little bit different, but we can help you with both.

That's basically what we can do with a Nomadic system. We do typically house everything needed to be able to do projects like this - the magnets, the stiffeners, to be able to do everything. We invite you to give us a chance next time you need new replacement panels, such as what I've demonstrated for you today.

Thank you for taking the time to watch our presentation on Nomadic replacement pop-up panels. We invite you to visit our website at TradeShowJoe.com and once there, feel free to send us an instant message, contact us via our toll-free number, or email us anytime.

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