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EXPOGO Showmax Briefcase Display Video Review

By Clean Themes on March 23, 2016


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Hello, and welcome to another Trade Show Joe video. I'm Dan Riley, and today we're going to talk about an industry proven display called the Showmax. The Showmax is part briefcase, part case - a really nice, proven, simple, easy to use display. I think you're going to like it, so lets' have a look!

This is it - our Showmax table top unit. It's a case and it's a table top display in one. It's made of a durable ABS plastic, manageable at about 35 lbs. It goes together pretty easily. This is how it works. You've simply got a couple latches. You can either do this on the table top or on the floor, and then lift it up on the table. I'm going to go ahead and undo a couple latches and that allow the unit to start to fold forward - a couple little latches here that control the wheel assembly. Those fold up and out of the way. I will point out that on the back of the unit there are a couple little storage cubbies and whatnot that can be used for pieces or parts or literature or whatnot - it's got some storage to it. Then, from there we're ready to lift the unit up and get it all ready to go on its table top. So, I'm simply going to lay the unit upright like so. Then, I'm going to open the unit up. What you end up with is a Velcro receptive surface area so that any sort of poster, print, or design, can easily be stuck to customize that with simple Velcro. We offer these in a couple different colors. They also include a header. The header is an arched piece of PVC that simply attaches to the top of the unit and we can work with these to be able to customize these so that they will include full company names and logos. It gives you another 10 or 12 inches worth of height, and kind of gives the display a nice finished look. With the panel sizes for this particular unit, you get a pretty generous amount of display area. When you open it up all the way you get about 73" of width. Each panel gives you about 18" of width by 36" in height. You've got the combined area of 73" x 36" high and then you've got the option of adding on the header that's customizable. These have been around for awhile. They've been a great display for us. We've done a lot of them for a lot of different reasons. Schools like them, colleges like them, job recruiters like them, military personal like them. Anybody likes them that wants something quick, professional, cost effective, and easy to use for a table top application.  Set it up, put up your graphic, put up your header, and bang, you're ready to go. The unit even includes lights. We've got these nifty MR16 halogen light fixtures available - very easy to install. They've got a little opening in the top here you simply slide them in on both the right and the left side.  You run a power supply up to them and you are ready to go. These lights are directional, so you can turn them, twist them, direct them, to be able to nicely illuminate everything you've got going on with the display, and they store nicely in the back of the display. Everything is real compact to be able to work with.

So, that is our Showmax Display. We invite you to ask more questions, or we can assist you with the design. Visit TradeShowJoe.com for more information on the Showmax and other displays we may have available. Once there, feel free to contact us via our toll-free number, direct chat, or email us anytime.

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