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KY Agriculture Custom Interactive Coyote Display - Project Portfolio

By Todd Millett on August 25, 2015

Recently, we had a new client come to us for a revamp of their custom display. They had an old version of their Coyote display used for teaching children about Kentucky Agriculture. The display needed new panels, and we had to rethink some customizations they made previously that didn't uphold to the test of time and repeated use. The display features opening oven and refrigerator doors. The panels had to be reinforced to make this concept work, but the materials previously used for reinforcement were simply too bulky and heavy. The doors no longer stayed shut on their own, and the extra weight was more than what the Coyote Pop-up Display was designed to support.

The client sent us their artwork for the panels and we got the printing for new panels into production. While we were waiting, we spent the next couple days brainstorming to plan the lightest, easiest to assemble, and most practical way to recreate the opening doors. With some wire rods, magnets, elastic cord, and handles, we made it work. Rivets were used to assure everything stays in tact.

The client was extremely satisfied with the outcome! Everything worked as they had hoped. When they picked up the display, they brought it straight to the KY State Fair for use. They reported back that it was a breeze to get set up and worked out really well for them at the fair exhibit! 

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