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TSJ LED Flood Light Kit Video Review

By Clean Themes on May 04, 2016

To see the full details of our LED Flood trade show light, please visit our product page.



Hello, I'm Dan Riley with TradeShowJoe.com and today I'm going to be doing another product review on an LED light. This particular light is called the LED Flood Light, and it's new to Trade Show Joe. Great little product. It works with a variety of display applications. You could use this as a banner light. You could use this to light up a fabric display, a pop-up display, or a truss display. What's nice about it is that it's universal. The lights are made so that it has a molded plastic track in the base of it and we offer a variety of different light brackets that simply slide into place and you can affix that onto a variety of different display surfaces. The light is small, but powerful. It uses state-of-the-art technology of light emitting diodes. These are the newest style. You have about 72 individual LEDs that make this thing light a nice clean light - a nice white light.

We were impressed. We put it up on a display and we were like, "Man, that this doesn't look real big.” We turned it on and pow! It looked like it was really doing a nice job of illuminating a fairly large, wide area of a graphic panel. The light is adjustable. It's got a little metal ball join here that allows the light to adjust and you can direct the light down or up, and then you can also pivot the light side-to-side, so if you want a little left, right, or center, you can do that. The light measures about 17 inches from base to tip, so it's a nice size to be able to stick out in front of the display.

The light is sold in a two-pack. The reason it is sold in a two-pack is that we include one transformer, which nicely illuminates the 12 watts needed to power this particular light fixture, and the way it works is you simply plug in the transformer in any standard outlet with a 110 volt, and then the transformer plugs into the back of the light. Once you've got that going, your light is on, everything's good, but you want to go ahead and power up the other light. That's why we include a little jumper cable that simply allows you to connect into the light that already has power, and then you're simply going to run that over to the other light, plug it in, and it will bring power over so that both lights are going to be illuminated simultaneously. If you have a really big display and you want more light, no problem! More light fixtures, more light jumper cables - the manufacturer recommends that one transformer can power 5 lights. So, that's kind of how we do it. We sell them in sets. They come in a nice box that's protected for the transformer, the jumper cable, and the set of lights.

You can find all that information on our website. Please visit TradeShowJoe.com, and once there feel free to contact us via our direct chat application. You can contact us via our toll-free telephone number, or email us anytime!

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