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LED Strip Trade Show Light Video Review

By Clean Themes on May 03, 2016

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Hello, I'm Dan Riley with Trade Show Joe, with another product review. This one is going to be on a new style LED light fixture. This is called the LED Strip. This is a new product. It incorporates about 75 LED light emitting diodes, which put out a really nice amount of bright, white light to illuminate products or graphics for displays. The light is universal. It has the ability to accept an interchangeable bracket. The bottom of the light itself is molded with a little channel, and we simply offer a variety of different brackets to fit that application. So, if you've got a banner type stand you're trying to figure out a light for, we probably have a solution. If you're trying to put it on a pop-up display, we have a solution. If you are trying to put it on some sort of a wall or custom truss display, we have solution for that as well. So, it makes it nice, clean, and easy. The light is also completely adjustable. It will rotate left and right, and it has a little ball joint that allows it to pivot up and down so you can direct the light in this so-called wall-washer light fixture.

The unit includes a set of lights. We sell these as two. The reason for that is we offer a transformer, and the transformer omits the right amount of power to control the wattage. This is a 12 watt light bulb, and this is what is needed to power it. Also, more impressively, this actually allows you to run two lights. The way that works is the transformer simply plugs into the wall with any standard 110 volt outlet, and then that simply plugs into that. That's what gives you the power for the LEDs to be able to illuminate. But, this is where it gets kind of neat. We send you along a separate cord. We call it a piggy-back cord. That's not a technical name, but it works, and that simply plugs into the light fixture that already has power and you are able to take that power and simply jump that over to the second light. That allows both lights to be mounted on your display system and to illuminate nicely the entire surface area of the display. You can actually piggy-back light after light after light off one transformer, and it is recommended from the manufacturer that this can work with up to 5 light fixtures.

So, this is LED Strip Light. We are pretty excited about it. It is new to Trade Show Joe, and we think you'll like it, so have a look! Please feel free to visit our website at TradeShowJoe.com. While there, you can always direct chat with us, email us, or contact us via our toll-free number anytime!

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