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Video Review - Orient Retractable Banner Stand

By TradeShow Joe on April 08, 2015


Welcome back and thank you for watching our video series. I’m Dan Riley and today we’re going to be discussing retractable banner stands. I brought with me one of our better selling banner stands called the Orient Retractable Banner Stand. So, let’s have a look. This is our Orient Banner Stand. This is an all-aluminum - considered an economy - banner stand. But, it is really far from “economy.” It is really well made. Although, not as premium as some of our other banner stands, like the Supreme, it is a nice banner stand for the money. This particular unit weighs about 12 pounds and has four components that come with the banner stand: the spring loaded retractable base, 3-piece pole, a nice fitted nylon carrying bag with a strap, and a full-color graphic. The graphic for this particular model is 31.5 inches. We offer this banner stand in 3 varying widths. The 31.5” model is probably one of the more common sizes. We offer a model that is just like this with the exception of being 35.5” wide, so you are right at 3 feet by the time you get that put together. Finally, we offer the largest variation in the Orient Banner product line, and that’s 39.25” total width. The easiest way to put this thing up is to simply pull the banner, which is connected to this metal trim piece, up. Then, go ahead and connect the pole onto the top of the banner stand and lift the banner completely in place so the banner is now completely out and ready to be used to present your marketing message. Thank you for taking the time to learn a little bit more about our Orient Retractable Banner Stand. We invite you to contact us toll-free, to direct chat with us on our website, or to contact us anytime via email. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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