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Lightbox Graphic Innovation from Matrix Display

By Todd Millett on March 31, 2015

While at EXHIBITORLIVE 2015, we could not help but notice Matrix Display's new product line. They have produced what we believe to be some of the most innovative displays in the market that features custom graphics printed on contour fabric. The primary aspects that set these displays apart are size and lighting. They make more traditionally sized models all the way up to enormous, 2 story high displays. Optional LED lighting can be added to the inside of the frame to illuminate the entire graphic without the actual light source visible. The Matrix Display Frame is fully supported by the outside edges and is designed without any supporting beams directly behind the graphic, so it is lit up evenly without any bleed-through of frame components. In addition, some of these have the ability to change the color of lighting. It can go from a clean white to a shade of blue, red, or a variety of other colors.

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