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EXPOGO Smartpak IQ Trade Show Case Video Review

By TradeShow Joe on May 06, 2015

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Hello, and welcome to Trade Show Joe's video series. I'm Dan Riley, and today we're going to talk about one of our popular selling graphic, trade show display, or accessory carrying cases called the Smartpak IQ. So, lets' have a look!

This is our Smartpak IQ. It's a very durable, blow molded trade show display, accessory, or graphics carrying case. We have represented this product for a number of years - probably nearly a decade - and have had good success. It is tested, tried and proven to be a good case in the realm of carrying trade show display components to and from shows. Here's some of what it has to offer. It is a durable, blow molded design, which is impact resistant. I could beat on this all day and probably not really break through it, so when it is handled by FedEx, UPS, or your airline carrier, it is going to hold up. Secondly, it locks. Most of the cases do not lock and a lock is optional, but this particular case comes with a little key and you can open this particular case like so. It does have a flip top and it does come completely off if you want to, but most of the time just leave it hinged to open it up and get access. Then, simply close it. The all-steel locking mechanism simply locks and a key turns into place so you can no longer gain access to the contents of the display case. This particular unit offers a molded handle. Handles are a great thing, and something that does break on other cases. This is actually made into the lid and is molded. It is a very durable design - very tough to break. It has inline skate wheels, which are very smooth rolling, and they are protected with a plastic housing you can see from the sides, meaning that if this is on a conveyer belt or being tossed around, the wheels are one of the easiest things to get bent, broken, or dislocated from the case. Not so much on this one, because it is all completely hidden within a plastic cavity. These wheels are going to stay in place. Finally, this particular unit comes in a variety of different sizes. We offer the smallest variation in a 12" by 32" high configuration. We offer this in a 16" diameter - a bigger, rounder case to hold more volume - and we have a variety of different sizes (8 or 10 in all) that are between 32 inches all the way up to as high as 72 inches (as tall as I am). So, this is the Smartpak IQ - a great little case. We recommend it for all your trade show display and graphics needs.

Thank you for taking the time to watch our video today and learn a little bit more about the Smartpak IQ Trade Show Carrying Case. We invite you to visit our website at TradeShowJoe.com and once there direct chat with us, contact us via our toll-free telephone number, or email us at any time.


SmartPak Trade Show Case Review

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