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ZedUp Lite Trade Show Literature Rack Video Review

By TradeShow Joe on May 18, 2015

For more details, visit our ZedUp Lite product detail page.


Welcome to Trade Show Joe video series. I'm Dan Riley, and today we're going to discuss literature racks. I know all too often, our clients end up going to trade shows and have the need to give out collateral material (brochures, flyers, etc.). These literature racks are very portable and very professional. They will make your literature be better received rather than just having it in a more cluttered configuration or just handing it to people as they walk by. This is our ZedUp Lite. It is an aluminum, zigzag style, six pocket literature rack - a great little product, so lets' have a look!

This is our ZedUp Lite. It comes packaged in a nice, very durable (almost like a camera) case. It has a metal design and locks. Lets' have a look inside. I've already got it unlocked. It has nice strong steel latches, which expose the unit itself. The unit itself is in a compressed position and it simply comes out of the case and is designed typically to set on the floor, but I'm going to show you on the table just for the sake of making it easier to see and understand. This simply lifts up to its full height. This particular unit at its full height is a little bit shy of five feet. I believe the unit measures right at 58.5" high. Once I've got it up, there's a couple little aluminum extruded slider latching mechanisms that allow the unit to lock into place.

So, this is our unit. As I said, it is really designed to be used on the floor in your trade show booth. It's an all-aluminum construction as far as the frame goes. It has an acrylic (or plastic) shelf itself, so it is attractive but also lightweight. The unit has 3 shelves on the back and 3 shelves on the front, so you get 6 shelves worth of display area. The unit nicely holds an 8.5 x 11" sheet of paper and can hold slightly more. The exact measurements when you go to measure it are 9 7/8" x 12 3/4", so it will fit larger corporate folders, and of course smaller. If you have a smaller sheet, handout, or maybe a brochure, you can stack those here, side-by-side. The lip of the shelf is about 1 inch worth of thickness.

So, the unit is easy to use. Its aluminum, so it’s strong. It’s lightweight at 14 pounds, and with a case it is 24 pounds. This is a great little device to be used along with your trade show display to be able to make it easy and attractive for people to come up, be able to get the information from you, and to be able to take it with them and learn about your company and what all of its capabilities, products, and services are at their leisure. The system goes down just about as easily as it goes up. I'll set it up here and show that you are basically going to unlatch the mechanism at the base. We're going to slightly lift up on the unit and you'll see these little bars here start to lean forward and as they lean forward that is the sign that everything is as designed and is going to continue to compress all the way down into its most collapsed position. From there, all you need to do is find your handy, and very durable, carrying case, take unit, set it back inside, close and latch the unit, and you're ready to go the next time you need this for your trade show booth.

Thanks for taking the time to learn a little bit more about our literature rack, the ZedUp Lite. This is one of several variations that we offer. We will be doing a series of videos about all of those. We'd like to invite you to visit our website at TradeShowJoe.com. Once there, direct chat with us, feel free to contact us via our toll-free number, or email us anytime!

ZedUp Lit Rack Review

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