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Reveal Literature Rack Video Review

By Kim Tackett on June 02, 2015

For more details, please visit our Reveal Literature Rack product page.


Hello, and welcome to Trade Show Joe Video Series. I'm Dan Riley. Today, we're going to introduce a great lightweight little product called the Reveal Literature Rack. Lets' have a look!

This is our Reveal Literature Rack and one of the feature benefits of this product is it is super lightweight. The unit is made of a mesh type of material. It has weighted steel base. It has a fiber pole (like a fiberglass) and a bag. The entire unit weighs just three pounds. It is designed to be able to hold an 8.5" x 11" or slightly larger literature. There are 4 pockets worth of literature, and each can stack what we recommend 3/4" thick. I'm going to show you how this goes together. Most commonly this would be used on the floor, but for the sake of the video I will show you this on a table, and we can show you how it looks on the floor. It has an aluminum base that simply slides and connects into the mesh literature pockets, like so. Then, it has a 3-piece pole that is bungeed together so it makes one nice unit, which easily goes together from the 3 parts. It simply slides into a pre-drilled hole in the base. Then, there's a plastic mechanism which allows you to attach the pole onto the top of the literature mesh itself. That simply is going to go onto the top, like so. Then, the unit merely unrolls, exposing the four literature pockets. You've got one, two, three, four literature pockets ready to be used to display your information. This particular product actually comes single-sided (which is what a standard one is), or we do offer the product in a double-width variation, which in essence is the exact same thing, with the exception of two of these being linked together, giving you eight total literature pockets for one literature unit. Once you've got the pole assembled, you're simply going to connect the top of the mechanism onto the pole. It is a tension type of engineering, meaning that once under tension, the unit stands vertically upright, makes a nice presentation, and you are ready to simply take whatever literature (folder or brochure) and put it in the pocket, and you're ready for dissemination at your next trade show. The unit is super easy to use, super lightweight and portable, economical, and really is an attractive way (with its metallic silver and black mesh) to be able to make your literature as attractive as possible when you are wanting to disseminate it to passersby at trade shows.

Thank you for taking the time to watch our video to learn more about our portable trade show literature racks. We invite you to learn more by visiting our website at TradeShowJoe.com, to direct chat with us, to contact us via our toll-free number, or to email us at any time. We look forward to hearing from you!

Reveal Literature Rack Video

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