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ShowStyle Pro 32 Briefcase Display Video Review

By TradeShow Joe on May 27, 2015

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Welcome to Trade Show Joe's video series. I'm Dan Riley, and today we are talking about briefcase displays. This is an example of a briefcase display, and the reason it is called a briefcase display is that it is basically a hard-molded case with a handle that you can carry with you much like you carry a briefcase. These have become really popular over the last several years and we offer this in variety of different sizes and configurations. This is one of our more popular selling models called the ShowStyle Pro 32. The Pro 32 is a medium-sized table top briefcase display, and it opens up from briefcase to display in a matter of seconds, like this. The unit is all Velcro receptive, so as you can see, any sort of graphic that we would design and print for it can easily be attached and detached with Velcro. We simply apply Velcro onto the back and the Velcro sticks to the surface area of the display, thus creating a nice graphic presentation. This particular model is ideal for a 6 foot table. We have it sitting on a 6 foot table here, and each panel for this particular model is a nice size. They measure 16 inches across. This here, where it breaks over, would be considered a panel. You've got 4 panels, and the height on this particular model is right at 32 inches, hence the name ShowStyle Pro 32. We do offer a junior model of this, which measures about 24 inches. That's just called the ShowStyle. We offer a bigger brother to this one, which is called the ShowMax, and that one measure at right about 36 - 37 inches and it's a little bit wider as well. This particular model comes in three different colors currently. When I say colors, I am referring to the Velcro receptive material that is adhered to the surface area and those colors would be blue (a nice royal blue color), gray (a medium grayish color), and black. A lot of it is covered anyway, as you can see with the full color graphics. We make them oftentimes to be the width and the height, but if you wanted to have smaller graphics or no graphics and do your own thing, these could be the colors that you would work with. We've seen these be very popular when you have just a table to work with. We've sold a number of these, for example, to military recruiters. If you've got more of a traveling salesman or woman type of approach - you need to go to a show, you get in, get out, maybe set up for a career fair or whatnot - these are ideal for that. You can take these in the trunk of a mid-sized car. They are extremely portable (20lbs total weight), and you've got a nice little presentation when you get there that is super portable and easy to use. This particular model also includes lights, and the lights simply are going to attach across the top. There's pre-drilled holes so lights would be able to go right here, and right here. Also, this particular unit comes with an optional header. A header is nothing more than a styrene piece of plastic that is in an arch shape and it simply flows from here over to here, thus giving you about 10 extra inches of height. So 32" and another 10" will push it to 42", and you can simply put your company name, logo, tagline, whatever you'd like, on that particular piece, which stands the width of these two panels.

This is the ShowStyle 32 with the optional carrying bag - this particular bag in a durable, nylon-like material. The unit has an opening at the top so the handle can be extended out of the bag, making it still really nice and portable. The bag has, in addition, a number of different pockets. If you have extra materials, it has a pocket back here so you can store various things along with your unit. It has an additional pocket right here. Same thing if you have extra collateral material - here is where it goes. Then, beyond that, it actually has a light compartment built into the base of it. Simply unzip the bottom portion of the bag. It will flip up and you'll notice there are little compartments in here. Here's a strap so you can throw the unit over your shoulder. These are the unit's lights - two different sets of lights. The lights simply unpack out of these little plastic protective boxes. They're telescoping, meaning that you can easily take the light and extend it to make it longer or shorter, so that it can extend out in front of the unit, and then you can simply direct the light back down onto the surface area to nicely illuminate your graphics. In addition to that, there's a power supply and power cord (these go together to give you the power you need to light the light). The unit includes one additional MR16 bulb. These are a 50 watt bulb, and you get one extra bulb in the MR16 variety. If you are at a show and all the sudden the light goes out, you've got an extra light to be able to illuminate your display. So, that's basically a wrap-up for the ShowStyle Pro 32. It's a great little unit - very portable, light weight, easy to use, and professional looking. We can customize the graphics for you.

We appreciate you watching our video series today, dealing with the briefcase display. We invite you to contact us via our toll-free number, to direct chat with us, or send us an email. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

ShowStyle Pro 32 Video

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