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TSJ Premium Retractable Banner Stand Video Review

By TradeShow Joe on July 01, 2015


Hello and welcome to Trade Show Joe Video Series. I'm Dan Riley and today we're going to discuss the Trade Show Joe Premium Banner Stand. So lets' have a look!

This is it - our Trade Show Joe Premium Retractable Banner Stand. It has a very durable, well-constructed all-aluminum body. It has a strong interconnecting spring mechanism that allows the banner to connect onto the spool and to able to roll in and out as needed. These banner stands are a lot like an old fashioned window blind that you would pull down to cover your window, and then pull and release to give yourself light. These work the opposite way in that you are actually pulling up instead of pulling down, but in essence I think that is kind of where the technology evolved from. We can do these particular Premium Banner Stands in both a black or silver finish, so the body of it and the pole can be in either black or silver. We can do the graphic for them in both a fabric (dye-sublimation, very high quality, full-color imprint right onto fabric) or we can do a more economical vinyl imprint. The unit is lightweight and manageable. It weighs about 12lb including the pole (which is a 3 piece design that goes together with a bungee cable), as well as a nice quality nylon carrying bag. Just throw this over your shoulder and you're ready to go to the trade show. The unit also features a stabilizer foot. That is this metal mechanism here that simply rotates to form a cross, and that is what gives the unit more stability when it is sitting flush on the floor. So that the unit doesn't want to tip back or forward, this helps to stabilize it quite well. Another nice thing about this particular banner stand is that if designed appropriately, you can use this in both a free-standing or floor-standing variation, which I'm going to show you, as well as a table top. The only difference between the two is really the length of the pole. For example, if you came to us and said, "Hey Trade Show Joe, I want to do a table top show and that's kind of where our industry is. We want to be able to set this on table," we would simply allow you to have the banner stand so that it would work on table and only raise up to whatever desired height you want it to be. The way we accomplish that is by modifying the design to be at the appropriate height, as well as modifying the height by either using less components of the pole or physically removing material from the pole so that it is shorter. A standard unit measure 79" vertical. We can do this particular table top option at 60" or 50" or 40".

So, lets' have a look at how this one sets up. This is our Premium Series in the black powder coated finish and it does include the fabric dye-sublimation graphic. I've got the stabilizer arm already rotated around so that it is running perpendicular from the body of the system. I simply am going to lay the unit down on the floor. The pole is going to recede in an opening on the back of the banner system and the graphic is going to pull out. It's under tension so hang onto it. It is going to raise vertically upright and is going to connect onto the top of the pole. That is our Premium Fabric Banner Stand. We offer a number of different banner stands. This one is proven to be a good seller. It offers a lot of value, a good quality, and is just a lot for the money.

We invite you to take a look at all of our banner stands and all of our trade show products by visiting TradeShowJoe.com, and while there feel free to contact us via our toll-free number, to direct chat with us, and you can email us any time. We look forward to hearing from you!

TSJ Premium Retractable Banner Stand

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