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Wave Tube Tension Fabric Display Video Review

By TradeShow Joe on July 16, 2015

For more information about our Wave Tube Tension Display, please visit our product page here.



Hello, and welcome to Trade Show Joe Video Series. I'm Dan Riley, and today I've got a new product to share with you called the Wave Tube. The Wave Tube is an aluminum tubular structure wrapped with a beautiful, full-color pillowcase dye-sublimation graphic. So, lets' have a look!

This is it. This is our Wave Tube Display 10 foot configuration. This entire unit is 10 feet across and measures about 90 inches vertical. It all packs down and neatly fits into this carrying case. It makes it super portable. You can actually check this as airline luggage. It has wheels on it, so all you have to do is roll it and you are ready for the show.

This unit goes together very easily. It is basically constructed of aluminum tubing like I'm holding in my hand that is bungeed together in certain components that make the left and right vertical configurations and the top and bottom horizontal configurations. If you notice, this particular one is curved. It has a nice curvature across the top as well as curves around the edges. It’s probably the reason they call it a Wave. These come in a variety of configurations. You can get some different shapes, but also you can get different sizes. We offer this in an 8 foot configuration. You can make a 10' configuration. You can make a smaller 6' configuration and so-on-and-so-forth. You can make these for a freestanding application, which is like the one here you can use for a big display presence in a 10x10 booth. You can have a couple of them together if you wanted more, or you could do a smaller table top application with the same technology, just making everything smaller. The way it goes together is really quite simple in that it has the tubular components, which have a bungee cord with an elastic band that runs between them all. That way you don't lose which one goes with which. They are all numbered, so you've got a number 1, number 2, number 3, and so-on-and-so-forth to help you keep things straight. In addition to that there is a small little spring-loaded pin that allows the tube holes to slide together and the pin simply recedes out of a hole or opening in the tube, and that is what locks them into place. You simply start at a corner and you form a vertical line of tubes that are connected at a corner to be able to connect to horizontal lines of tubes that connect to another vertical line that completes across the top in a normal horizontal configuration. After you've got the basic structure together, you are ready to apply your graphics. These graphics we produce are full color. They use digital dye-sublimation technology. They are kind of stretchy and spandex-like. They do a great job of being wrinkle-resistant. They can be cleaned if they were to come into contact with dirt or whatnot in the course of your trade shows, and they are made in a pillowcase design. A pillowcase simply means there is a graphic that is printed on the front and a fabric that is normally not printed on the back. The two fabrics are sown together to form a pocket or pillowcase, and then to finish it off it is completely stitched across the top, seemed all the way. The bottom just has a nice quality zipper. The way that it works is you are going to stretch the graphic completely over-top of the aluminum framework. Once you've got it exactly where you want it completely pulled up and over onto the structure, at the bottom you are just going to zip it into place, running all the way across the bottom horizontal components, and that's what is going to make it ready to go. It is easier to do that flat on the floor and then once you've got it all ready to go, simply raise the unit upright and you are ready to go trade show marketing. We offer the unit with lights. You can get either halogen or LED lights that will clip nicely onto the top surface area of the display. Normally, you want to have 2 lights minimally. One left of center and one right of center, that are going to do a great job of illuminating what could be a beautifully designed graphic. We can assist with the graphic production incorporating your logo, incorporating images, incorporating bullet points, to really make a stunning presentation that is effective in getting your message across.

So, this is our Wave Tube Display. It’s something new at Trade Show Joe, something we really like, and something we are really excited about being able to offer. It offers a lot for the money and you will see more and more of these becoming popular at trade shows abroad. So, that's the display. We invite you to take a look at more information about this guy on our website, TradeShowJoe.com. Once there you can direct chat with us, you can contact us via our toll-free number, or feel free to email us at any time. We look forward to hearing from you!

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