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Custom Coyote Agriculture Display Video

By TradeShow Joe on September 01, 2015

Thanks for watching! You can find more details on this display here.


Hello, I'm Dan Riley, and today we're going to do a little portfolio piece for a project  we just did for the Kentucky Department of Agriculture, and a co-op that works to educate kids about agriculture across the state of Kentucky. So, this is going to be used for the State Fair 2015, and they asked us to make a design concept that would be interactive. They wanted to incorporate an oven and a refrigerator, and have them actually function, so we had to problem solve and create a graphic representation of an oven to have the ability to open the oven, and then we incorporated this little build in here where they can show Kentucky specific products that have been grown to feed people in grocery stores and whatnot. So, that is that, and on the opposite side, we incorporated a swinging hinge onto the magnetic channel bar and simply allowed the graphic representation of the refrigerator to swing open and closed with a magnet, so that it gives you access to show refrigerated products. Thanks for taking the time to look at our portfolio piece. We're pretty excited about this and so is the client. We have to go and get it set up at the show!

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