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Fabric L1 Trade Show Literature Rack Video Review

By Clean Themes on September 09, 2015

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Hello and welcome to Trade Show Joe Video Series. I'm Dan Riley, and today I'm going to introduce a new product that we have recently come to be able to market, and it is called the Fabric L1 Literature Rack. Lets' have a look!

This is our Fabric L1 Literature Rack. It comes in a nice bag. It is available in a double sided or single-sided. When I say double sided or single sided, I mean either two rows of pockets for literature or one row of pockets for literature. It comes in a black or silver finish. This particular one is the double-sided version. This is the basic unit, which creates the pockets for literature to be housed. Each pocket is suited for at least 8.5” x 11” in width. I measured it across, and it is actually about 9.25". The height of the literature (if you have a piece of paper or brochure or folder) can be no more than 12 inches. It is 12 inches from the top of the pocket to the bottom of the pocket. The units all include this mesh, durable literature holder in either black or silver. They include a fiberglass pole, which is what is designed to hold the literature rack upright. They include an arm, or a base, that the pole connects into and this allows the literature rack to be stable and provides the where-with-all for the pole to connect into the arm, and also to connect in the top of the literature rack. They all include a nylon carrying bag.

They work very easily. You simply start with the little metal balance arm, and then you're going to slide that arm into the bottom of the literature rack. That works just like this. Then, you're going to connect the pole to the literature rack by snapping it into the base, like so. You complete the process by lifting up the literature rack and tucking the pole into the top metal trim of the literature rack. So, that is its complete design. You can see it only took a matter of maybe 30 second or less. It is simple. You've got pockets, pockets, pockets - 4 rows of pockets, and double the width. So, you have total of 8 pockets suited for disseminating literature. This particular model comes in both the double width as well as (if you were to cut this in half, which I'll show you at the close of the video) a single sided variation , which is only 4 pockets.

So, this is our Fabric L1 Literature Rack - something new, something inexpensive, something really practical and easy to use to get your literature up off the table or up off the podium, or out of your hands, to present it in a really attractive format for people to want to come and disseminate. Thank you for taking the time to watch our video .To learn more about this particular literature rack, we invite you to visit our website, and while there feel free to contact us toll-free with any questions you may have, to direct chat, or you can email us at any time. Thank you for checking out our video!

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