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Choosing The Right Case for Trade Show Flooring

By Todd Millett on April 24, 2017

When purchasing a trade show booth, companies often either purchase flooring with their booth or shortly thereafter. Interconnecting flooring tiles provide three main functions: Enhancing aesthetic appearance, creating a visual area that separates the booth space, and providing padding for long days of standing at the trade show. For most, this is enough to justify the extra cost and effort in transporting the flooring to events. 


When Flooring Cases Are Needed

When it comes to flooring transportation, some clients simply transport their flooring in it's standard cardboard shipping box for the first show or two until it wears out. At that point, many of them decide to go ahead and get a wheeled carrying case. Others opt to purchase everything at once. Either approach works just fine, but chances are if you manage a trade show booth with flooring, you've decided it's time to make the next step for extra protection and convenience.


Selecting a Convenient Trade Show Flooring Case

Wait? Did we say convenience? As trade show professionals, we see it as our duty to eliminate the hassles and problem areas. We've discussed the available flooring case options with many clients, and for convenience reasons the solution ends up the same over 90% of the time: Our hard molded wheeled case for 10 x 10 flooring kits.

To be clear, we represent a variety of case options and we support your decision whatever it may be. In certain circumstances, another choice might make more sense. Lets break down all of our options.


10 x 10 Hard Molded Case

As mentioned above, this is our most popular. Even if the client has a 10 x 20 flooring area, they will usually purchase two of these as opposed to one larger case. This case features a hard body, smooth rolling wheels, and a side handle. In most transportation situations, the shipping logistics and convenience with multiples of this case outdo the larger cases.

(Product Details)


10 x 10 Soft Fabric Case

This case has all the same features as our hard molded 10 x 10 case, except it is a soft fabric material. Flooring is very durable, so this can be a good solution for less strenuous and less frequent shipping conditions. It is best suited when you are transporting your case yourself and can position it in your vehicle however you want. However, we do recommend our hard cases for further protection when using shipping services.

(Product Details)


10 x 20 Wheeled Hard Flooring Case

Once it gets to our 10' x 20' sized flooring cases, things start to become a bit more industrial. In the right circumstances, this rolling block style case is the right solution. For example, this case would work nicely with an extremely elaborate display involving several other similar cases packed onto a truck. However, in common transportation situations the size and shape can make things less convenient. 

(Product Details)


20 x 20 Wheeled Hard Flooring Case

 20 x 20 Wheeled Flooring Case

Like our 10' x 20' flooring case, the 20' x 20' case has to be very large to fit all of the flooring tiles. Again, this can present some transportation challenges, but for this large of flooring area you might determine this option makes the most sense. There is a good chance a display covering this area will already involve a lot of components to move. Therefore, there might already be a well coordinated shipping operation in place that can handle this case.

(Product Details)


As always, if you have any questions or if you would like addition guidance, please feel free to contact us! You can view all of these case options and pricing here.





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