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EXHIBITORLIVE 2017 Highlights Video

By Todd Millett on March 28, 2017

While at the EXHIBITORLIVE 2017 Trade Show, we gathered some photos and video clips to share! We found some highlights to compile into a short video. Every year, we are able to get a preview of the latest developments in the trade show industry at this show. As we expected, we are seeing more creative uses of tension fabric displays, often paired with LED lights as light box frame displays.

As technology and lighting evolves, the industry is quickly finding ways to incorporate the new possibilities into more unique and attention grabbing display concepts. These are top-notch displays from the exhibit companies themselves, but we commonly see these trends trickle down into practical and appropriately sized display options for small to medium sized businesses. We watched the tension fabric trend emerge, and now we have customers asking for a comparison between tension fabric displays versus traditional pop-up displays. We've seen LED lighting go from a luxury item to a mainstream standard. Now we are starting to see LED lights used in more ways than ever before! 

So what's next? Take a look at this year's EXHIBITORLIVE 2017 Highlights!

For our full photo gallery from the EXHIBITORLIVE show, click here!

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