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Choosing Trade Show Lights: LED Strip Lights VS LED Flood Lights

By Todd Millett on November 03, 2016

We are often asked about the differences between our TSJ LED Strip Lights and our TSJ LED Flood Lights. First and foremost, if you are deciding between two LED lights, you are on the right track. The differences between the actual light illumination is more subtle than you might expect. They both present a very clean, bright, and transparent light cast, and they are suitable in any trade show environment (alternatives to LED lights are sometimes prohibited due to heat regulations).

LED Strip Light VS Led Flood Light

Similarities in LED Light Bulbs and Wattage

Both of these lights have the same amount of nodes (72) and total wattage (12 watts). The only difference is the configuration of where the nodes are positioned. Both lights also feature the same length extension arm and a fully pivoting head, so they can be aimed wherever desired. 

Light Illumination on Trade Show Display

Due to the way LED lighting works, utilizing multiple light nodes concentrated together to create a bright illumination, the difference in the light casting area is minimal. It really comes down to preference. The Strip Light is what we call a "wall wash" light, and is designed to focus mainly on the display back wall. The Flood Light is also designed to cast a wide range of light, but will focus the light slightly more throughout the booth area and cover slightly less distance left to right on the display. However, have a look at our product testing images demonstrating the lights on a display in an otherwise dark room.

Which Style of LED Light Should You Choose?

These lights are so similar that it is unlikely either way you will have any buyers remorse from one versus the other. If you base your decision on which concept you like better or which light you think looks physically more attractive with your display, you will be happy with your selection!

To further help you along with your decision, you can take a look at our video reviews for both lights below.


If you would like to see video reviews for additional light options, have a look at our videos page.

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