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Light Box Tension Fabric Displays Continue to Evolve

By Todd Millett on April 27, 2016

In March of last year, Trade Show Joe founder, Dan Riley, observed the Matrix Frame Light Box Display concept at EXHIBITORLIVE for the first time. The display model stood out from prior light box displays due to its use of modern LED technology, aluminum outer framing, and omission of visually obtrusive aspects such as Velcro and inner framework. 

After our initial impression, we expected to see an increase in popularity of Light Box trade show displays and for these concepts to evolve even further in the trade show market. So far, this is exactly what is happening. Similar tension fabric displays are becoming increasingly more accessible and affordable.  We don't see this slowing down any time soon, because they seem to hit all the key factors of what makes an ideal trade show booth.



Most commonly, the tension frames include support feet that allow them to stand on their own. However, they can also be mounted on walls. While they make an excellent show displays, they also work well in commercial or office environments. On some models, hangers and small shelf units can even be added to make it into an attractive retail display.

Retail Trade Show Display


The majority of these displays can be customized in size to fit your specific needs. They are commonly offered in a variety of popular sizes, but if the buyer has their own specific size requirements, it is not a problem. This is in large part due to the framework design, which consists of a durable aluminum outer frame that is easy for manufacturers to modify.

Custom Tension Fabric Light Box Display


Visual Appeal

The visual appeal of these displays will knock your socks off. Without inner framework, the LED back-lit, full color tension graphic appears completely fluid. Rather than fastening onto the frame with Velcro, there is a silicon lining stitched to the edges of the graphic that fits directly into a crevice around the frame. This results in a very canvas-like, clean and concealed appearance. 



Commonly, the more elaborate trade show displays are not as portable, but this is not the case for Tension Light Box Frames. Since this type of exhibit consists of just the outer frame and dye-sublimation printed graphic on fabric, it is actually one of the most portable displays for its size. In most instances, even a full-sized 10 foot floor display can fit into one carrying case.


We have not yet seen the popularity of these tension fabric LED displays hit full-swing, but circumstances are lining up for this to happen in the near future. As more companies become ready to retire their old displays and begin looking for something new, we expect this to be a popular switch. What do you think?

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