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Nimlok Display Wins Best Booth at Lumber and Building Material Expo

By Todd Millett on March 17, 2015

A trade show display made by Nimlok recently won the "Best Booth Award" at the Lumber and Building Material Expo. The event was held at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston on February 4-6, 2015. HIAB, the company for which the 20' x 50' display was made, was awarded the prize by the Northeastern Retail Lumber Association.

So what makes this an exceptional trade show display?

Our team gathered to discuss what exactly it is that makes this an award worthy display. It is a well thought out, clean looking booth with all the elements working together to give the company a premium appearance. Here are our favorite points.

  • Open Design - Appropriate for a lumber and construction show, people need the ability to move freely and comfortably. Additionally, an open design gives the opportunity to bring the focus on the main points of the display.

  • Hanging Banners - The two large, square hanging banners set the stage area for this display and make it extremely visible throughout the convention center. Plus, hanging banners provide a "BIG" feel of their own not quite like that of other floor standing graphics

  • Sweeping Arch - The red sweeping arch helps add some architectural decoration and does a nice job of tying the whole booth together. The color also helps accentuate the logos.

  • Simple Design - Overall, the design is simple. It is not overly involved and there is a clear direction. The color scheme is very obvious and not distracting. Observers will be easily impressed and quickly get the main message after being drawn to the display.

  • Interactivity - Next to each machine, there is an iPad dock where visitors can interact and learn more about the product. This keeps viewers entertained, generates even more interest, and makes the brand more memorable.

  • Real-life Examples - There is nothing better than real examples of a product you are selling. Transporting large products like lumber vehicles is obviously a challenge, but when that challenge is met it often makes for a very attention grabbing booth. If you make people desire a closer look, the will come closer!

On a final note, we could not go without saying, don't forget the importance of the role your booth staff plays at trade show events! It was probably just by chance, but the booth attendant was on his cell-phone when this photo was taken. This is in our list of things not to do at the trade show. Oops!


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