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Matrix Frame Light Box Product Review Video

By TradeShow Joe on July 07, 2015

Early this year at EXHIBITORLIVE 2015, Dan discovered Matrix Frame USA, a manufacturer of some very unique LED lit tension fabric displays. They were kind enough to offer Trade Show Joe a product sample so we could demonstrate their light box concept to you. We have been in the trade show business for the past 15 years and these products bring something new to the market that we could not pass up. We already have the ability to have custom graphics printed and we can work with companies like yours in the creation of custom Matrix Frame Light Box displays! 

More details about the options and customization with these displays can be found here

Video Transcription:

Hello, and welcome to Trade Show Joe Video Series. I'm Dan Riley, and today I'd like to talk about a new innovative product that I came to know last month while attending a large industry trade show called EXHIBITORLIVE in Las Vegas. I met a man there who is involved with a company from the Netherlands called Matrix Frame. What they sell is a really nice quality display system that is ideal for trade shows, museums, and point-of-sale.

The system basically is quite simple in that it uses extruded aluminum, like a large picture frame, and these picture frames come in a variety of different sizes. The company was gracious enough to provide me with one small, miniaturized sample of how their system works so I could share with you and have on hand as a demo. In essence, the system goes together with a very simple hex key. There are brackets that are designed to either allow the aluminum extrusions to extend vertically (in a linear fashion where one stacks on top of the other, into another to give you length), or they also have another bracket that is configured to put together corners. So, if I'm going to put together this as a rectangle or square, I will have a bracket that will be shaped like an L. It will allow the extrusion to connect on both sides, pulling it tautly together, thus forming the corner. These particular systems come in a variety of different sizes. The one that I experienced live out in Las Vegas was a big version of this and it was a series of light boxes - 3 of them. When I say light boxes, these have the ability to accept an LED lighting system that goes all the way around the parameter, mounts on the inside of the framework, and allows the graphic (once produced on a fabric with a dye-sublimation printing technology) to beautifully light up. These graphics just become stunning. The sizes can vary wildly from something small (you may see this in a restroom at an airport promoting a makeup company), or you may see something bigger in the walls of a corridor, maybe where a professional team plays basketball, football, or hockey, and they may be promoting Bud Weiser, a certain food product, or sporting wear like Under Armour or Nike. These have become very popular for a variety of different applications. They link together, so if you created one large box and you wanted to have another box, you have the ability to basically stack or interconnect these running vertically up and down, as well as being able to tie them together horizontally. So, if you wanted to create a bridge from the top of this structure over to another structure and then down, we have the ability to build whatever you want to build, making it very stable and making it such that it is a beautiful, portable trade show display. Because its aluminum, it is completely weather resistant, it is light-weight, it is easy to take apart and put together, and it is strong. The graphic itself is always printed on a fabric material using digital dye-sublimation technology. Once the print is produced to your specifications, a rubber gasket is placed around the edge of the graphic. The rubber gasket is designed to be able to pinch within the edging of this particular structure and, with no tools or anything required, allow this graphic to nicely be married together with this frame or a larger version of this frame so that you've got the ability to display something large and dynamic in beautiful color. These have the ability to be back-lit on one side, so if that's the case there would be lighting on the inside of the unit, and there would be a diffuser on the back to block out the light so that the light only illuminates the front. These also have the ability to be a double-sided unit, which allows for these particular displays to have a wider footprint or a wider profile (this becomes about 2-3 times wider), but 2 graphics can be mounted, the same LED lights run around the parameter, and then you've got the ability to show a beautiful graphic on both the front and the back for your display needs. So, that's another way to do it. These have the ability to mount in variety of different ways. I'm still learning about all the different applications, but they really seem endless. We've seen these have the ability to mount such that they hang. So, if you walk into a Foot Locker or into a T-Mobile phone store, these have the ability to be suspended by wires. Wires can come down through the frame and they can nicely suspend from the ceiling. They have the ability to mount on the wall. We've got ready-to-go aluminum bracket that allow it mount perfectly level on a wall-mount application, and they have the ability to basically be free-standing as a trade show display system. That's the one that I've come to know most about. These have a variety of different accessories with them. You can get these such that you can incorporate a window (meaning you can see through them if you wanted to), or a shelf (the one that I saw out in Las Vegas actually had a football theme and they had a shelf built into it with the Lombardy Trophy sitting inside a knocked out winder, perfectly framed). It has the ability to accept smaller shelves, so if you wanted to be able to show an actual live physical product, they have the ability with a really neat concept to put a rare earth strong magnet shelf on one side of the graphic and to be able to take a rare earth super strong magnet on the back of the graphic. The two hold together real strongly and allow the graphic to be able to suspend the weight of the shelving unit so the display units can be used to display three dimensional products. It's something I've never seen before that's a really unique way to incorporate actual products to go along with the graphics.

We’re learning more about this system. We are going to represent this product for Matrix Frame. We will be able to sell this in a variety of different applications, sizes, and the like. We invite you to check out more of the display features and different kits that we are going to offer at TradeShowJoe.com.

That's a little bit more about Matrix Frames and dye-sublimation technology. I'm really excited about this and feel like this is kind of a paradigm shift within the display industry and point-of-sale industry. I think you will see this at museums and sporting event venues as well. We thank you for taking the time to watch our video and to learn a little bit more about this particular product. To learn more or to get in contact with us, feel free to direct chat with us directly on our website, contact us at our toll-free number, or to contact us anytime via email. Thank you for watching!

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