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LED Lighting Technology Rapidly Advancing

By Todd Millett on September 06, 2017

LED lights are in the spotlight of the trade show industry, and their popularization is here to stay. This is not something that is just another current trend. We've known for years that LEDs have a high potential for consumer usage due to their vast benefits, which include a drastically longer lifespan and far less power usage. 



It seems the manufactures of the LED lighting industry have just reached the tip of the iceberg, since the applications and features are still continually progressing. Just 6 months ago, we reported on some of the LED advancements found at the 2017 EXHIBITOR LIVE trade show. Now, when we look just slightly outside of the direct trade show industry, we get a glimpse of what is to come.


Interactive LED Tree to be Debuted at Burning Man

Tree of TénéréInspired by the most isolated tree on the planet in the Sahara Desert, a team of technologists, artists, programmers, and constructors created a life-like tree with one major differentiator - the leaves are made of interactive colored LED lights. The tree stands about 4 stories high, and the lighting responds to sound and movement from the crowd below. The tree is also climbable. They named it after the original, "The Tree of Ténéré," and it was debuted recently at this year's Burning Man Art & Culture Event in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada.


Similar LED Technology to Come at Events and Trade Shows

Can we expect to see more things like this to come? We hope so! This is a giant leap when it comes to applying LED technology at events. It was a huge success, creating quite a spectacle for everyone at the event. It is a great example of what can be done with LEDs, but not without a strong team and a relentless work ethic. Still, this leaves many gaps to be filled that can be created and applied to the trade show industry within the next year or two. Keep your eyes out and time will tell. In the meantime, here is another video of the Tree of Ténéré at Burning Man 2017.



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